Booting Linux from USB on Primux ioxbook Tour 1102F

Long time no see!

I'm back with a quick entry to show you how to boot a Linux USB pendrive on the pretty cool and cheap Primux ioxbook Tour 1102F. I highly recommend it if you're looking for a small and cheap Ultrabook. This one is around 200€ and it works pretty well.

However Primux ioxbook Tour 1102F ships with Windows 10, so I was looking to boot a live Linux USB distro. I already had a couple of live USB pendrives, but after hours of playing with all the Setup settings, it still won't boot. The strange thing is that it won't even show an error message or anything.

Then I found this video on YouTube (in Spanish) where in the comments section several people note that 64-bit distros won't boot because the EFI loader is 32-bit. I was stunned because the CPU is 64-bit for sure. I booted Windows 10 and checked the version, and there you go, it is a 32-bit version on a 64-bit CPU.

So I tried to load a 32-bit distro, but the UEFI came up with a message saying I didn't use the magic word. So I disabled Secure Boot on the BIOS setup and the USB pendrive booted perfectly.

TL;DR: Use a 32-bit distro and disable Secure Boot on the BIOS settings.

EDIT: unfortunately I had to refund it because the screen and wifi were not working properly.


  1. Didn't work for me, even using a distro that has M$ UEFI keys or whatever (Ubuntu and Fedora do). The pendrive (i tried more than one) shows up in the boot menu -- to which i can only access if i plg in an external USB keyboard --, but when i choose it to boot and press enter it just flicks and shows the boot menu all over again.

    I'll have to try other distros, perhaps. SecureBoot is disabled. The hardware is crappy AF: not only it's stupid to use a 32bit OS with a 64bit CPU, one of the two USB ports doesn't work and the little spring for the MMC card reader is broken too.

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