Back to the future

After a (short) string of love adventures, back to my real love, and an excellent job change, it was about time to get me here back again, wasn't it? And now in english :)

I don't want to bore you with my personal life, but I will anyway. I promise I will stay on the important stuff :)

I switched jobs as I said, I left my Analyst Programmer post at Indra Software Labs, the biggest Spanish software company, to join a Chinese hardware and software company that specializes on biometric solutions. They had recently opened their European bureau precisely at Madrid.

The offer was better on almost all sides, specially on economic and professional sides. At first the post offered to me was Android developer for their own custom made hardware. They wanted to switch from their own custom made Linux embedded devices (a stripped Linux kernel on top of some UI libraries - like MiniGUI-) to Android.

The good thing is that nothing was up. Everything was to be done, so I had several meetings with the Chinese CTO and we discussed about the software design and I prepared a basic document about the software architecture. He was so happy with my work that he finally ended up appointing me as the manager of the global Android team. This is something I certainly did not expect, and caught me as a surprise. But it was a good thing for my career, and I think something I deserved.

Most software project managers I've seen here in Spain are computer (or telecommunication) engineers (or at least so they say...), but they have abandoned all developing willingness or involvement in software matters. They only care about numbers, days, hours... Why then be a computer guy? Why not a suit better? The logic of this really escapes my understanding. What I can understand is that managing alone is much less brain intensive (I'm not talking about stress or work-load but about actually thinking) but it's several magnitudes more boring and way less interesting for a programmer at heart like me. I still do a lot of coding, besides the design and the management. Of course this might mean my management is rather poor, but time will tell.

Until then, bore with me and welcome again :)


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