One of the finest games I've played recently, Deadlight is set in a zombie post-apocaliptic world where zombies (called "Shadows") have overrun the city. Despite the background story not being too original, the character story is compelling, and you cannot wait to see what's going to happen next. Each chapter links naturally to the next one, nothing feels forced. The ambience is (very) dark, the graphics and the animations are simple yet very well done, and the backgrounds are always full of details and stuff happening, which contribute to fully immerse you. The game mechanics perfectly capture the idea of old 90's classics Another World and specially Flashback (which also influenced other titles like Blackthorne/Blackhawk or Bermuda Syndrome, among others): a puzzle/maze plataformer where you must find the right way to get to the next screen while avoiding as much damage (and of course death) as possible. It rewards exploring, observation and cleverness. Even if you will die often, dying is a way to understand the mechanics of the current screen and helps you progress as you learn to think how to avoid traps and shadows (even if sometimes it can feel frustrating if you fail to understand how to progess). The interactivity with objects is well done, where elements of the background and foreground can be used in different ways to help you progress. For 12€, this is by far one of the highest quality/price ratios out there right now, and one of the purchases I will never regret. Absolutely recommended.


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